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The Great lakes advantage

Great Lakes provides a variety of staffing solutions to fit the needs of almost any public sector or non-profit organization. Although there is no dearth of companies providing staffing solutions, very few specialize in the public and non-profit sector.

We KNOW Human Services and the Public Sector
Our staff has extensive experience in human services. This is our only business. Whether you're talking about recruiting Executive Directors, specialized audit staff, case managers, or unique positions, it's likely we've done it before and know how to recruit and attract the best talent.

Productivity, Productivity, and Productivity 
We focus not only on giving you the best talent, but ensuring that they are productive. We know that committed and productive staff are the keys to success.  

Comprehensive Recruitment and Screening  
We know where and how to attract a diverse group of candidates and do a very thorough job of credential and reference checking to help ensure success.  

Feedback to You and Your Management Team  
We provide regular utilization and position tracking reports to keep you informed of unfilled positions, budgets, etc.

Quality Assurance  
We conduct periodic evaluations of each staff in conjunction with your supervisory and management team and recommend skills and training experience to ensure productivity. We meet with your representatives regularly to ensure high performance and resolve problems. We perform ongoing credential and certification reviews.  

Human Resource Management Consultation
Great Lakes can act as your own Personnel Department from writing job descriptions, developing employee manuals, tracking benefit eligibility, and helping ensure compliance with ADA , FMLA, EEO and other government regulations, we help you focus on your true mission.  

Flexibility and Responsiveness  
We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs. Whether it's recruiting a unit of ten that's needed "yesterday," to accommodating budget cutbacks, our contracts and staff provide you with the flexibility you need in a changing and somewhat unpredictable environment.  

Risk Management  
Whether you have an outsourcing or staffing arrangement, your risks are greatly minimized. We handle and/or provide consultation on worker's compensation, unemployment, and EEOC matters.



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