R/Client Implementation, Training & Support


Implementation starts with getting to know you, the clients, staff, and your agency’s needs.  We provide comprehensive implementation services to assure that all customers maximize their usage of the extensive feature set.

An implementation consultant works with each agency to get the setup right from the start.  All of the setup is done by our staff prior to the first training session.

Training and Support

We provide training so you can learn all the ins and outs of using the R/Client software.  Training is typically a three-day training session that is either done online or at our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Once training has been completed all further support is handled by our R/Client support team.   Send us your issue or question and we’ll quickly get an answer back to you.  If it’s an issue that’s difficult to resolve via email, we’ll work with you to resolve it over the phone.  We provide support by email, phone, and online when needed.

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