Resources for Finding a Job in Pittsburgh

Resume and Cover Letter Writing 

Your resume is your own marketing tool.  Resumes should display truthful information, proper grammar, and facts that display your knowledge and experience.  

Use these tools to help you create a resume:

Cover letters give applicants the opportunity to express their interest in a specific position.  Use the cover letter to give more details about your skill set and career goals.  Make sure you grab your audience’s attention!

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Networking is an important part of finding a job.  Call past business associates, co-workers, contacts with organizations in your field to get insider information on job vacancies or leads to other contacts in your field.  


Practice your interviewing skills! Make sure you know your strengths and can answer questions about yourself with confidence.  Before an interview, do your research!  Staying on top of what’s happening in your field ensures you won’t be caught short in an interview when asked about latest industry challenge, service or trend.

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